Why only when a rape case is reported in capital city Delhi gets all the media attention followed by mass protests and candle light marches. Whereas the same heinous crime committed somewhere in a remote district in India finds a small section in the news column sometimes even that is not stated.

Rape is an atrocious crime wherever it is committed. It haunts the victim no matter what the circumstances are be it a remote district, a certain caste, colour or community.

If we agree that the above statement made is true, then why Media Inequality. There are multiple and countless rape cases reported all over  India, then why only few makes the cut for the headlines and who decides which rape case is the best to be given the right attention. It is evident anything which happens in Delhi gets the right media attention which forces Government and other civic bodies to take immediate action. However when the crime is committed in some remote areas there are “NO”  hour long debates or 10 ‘o’ clock fights. Hence the victim deals with the torture of the procedure and criminal lives a carefree life whereas the same criminal can’t dare in DELHI.

We understand the identity of the rape victim has to be kept under the grid, then so be it we just want it to get the right media attention so nobody can dare anywhere in India. This is just a specific case of Rape crimes that is being discussed many such crimes which is committed in an intended place or by a specific community or by a section of the society is carefully handpicked and decided whether that needs to be shown to the country. This is immorality which has prevailed in media now from quite some time.

I would request the media firms to consider my request and really look into moral values rather than the TRP values. If that is not being done my pledge is to have a law to prevent such situation. Whenever a news is twisted or a particular news is highlighted and some news are not considered at par. This should be considered as media inequality and stern actions should to be taken by the law against that particular media firm.

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