“English in modern day India is considered as a vital criterion to arbitrate education. Not our mistake however the colonial empire which ruled most parts of the mother earth were great propagandists.They ensured whatever grew on this planet considered “English” as the single source of truth.

It’s understandable for the colonial empire, but why modern India? Why Odiya’s? Yes we do not have the english accent but we are educated aren’t we? We match our countries literacy number which means we are no less educated than the other states.

However due to some unspeakable power; the mainstream media , cinema , politics , sports etc has been eluding us and has been turning a blind eye towards the so called “Cyclonic tormented state of India”.

There is either a sense of melancholy which is associated with an Odiya outside Odisha , or vapid gestures as if we don’t exist. Scared that’s what we are, of being judged? Being frowned upon, being ignored. But read again English is not “Education” it’s just a mode of communication. So be proud of  how you communicate !

It’s time, let each one of us start a repertoire and play the role of a propagandist. For once let’s learn from the colonial empire the art of propaganda and enlighten the rest of India. Let’s act our culture and explain there is more to us than Chenapoda and Raja Purnima on social networking sites. Let’s all pledge to spread our profound culture and be a real part of our great country.

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