Being a 5 year old is a bliss, you get pampered and bribed to eat food. You are forced to sleep more than often. The only annoying thing is mother nagging you to eat your food properly but life was different for Rani. She was not even sure whether it was her real name or some name given to her in her orphanage.

She used to hear these great stories of how some kids from her orphanage had been adopted to very nice families and used to get delicious food. They had their own toy rooms and more importantly had their own mother and father. The thought of mother always brought butterflies in her stomach and an unusual spring in her feet.

Today is special, sister Mary said many important people will be coming today and that it might be her lucky day.  Rani face glowed, now she wouldn’t pretend a pillow for her mother’s lap and would actually feel the warmth of a motherly bosom.

She rushed to the 1st floor which looked out on to the street and waited patiently with her doll hugged closely to her chest. Suddenly many cars and some of them with weird satellite on top parked in front of her modest orphanage. Overwhelmed with so many people in her orphanage she hid behind sister Mary.

All of the kids were summoned to the porch. A fully white clothed gentleman came forward and held Rani’s hand. She immediately fell in love and the moment that person took her in his arms she put her head on his shoulders. Suddenly a voice ringed her ears ‘look this side’ and when she turned around sudden flashes of light blinded her temporarily. She was being photographed, in a day from the invisible Rani she had become famous. The person gave her a chocolate and put her down.  Then he went and had a chat with sister Mary.

All of a sudden they all left. Unable to understand what had happened Rani rushed to her sister and asked why didn’t father take her home? when will he return ? With a lump in her throat she replied “next time” when elections are around.

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